• Tense is what we think we’re supposed to be. Relaxed is who we are.

Lust for life stands for deeply felt inner joy.


It also stands for all the love and potential that we have inside us when we are born.

All of which sometimes tends to be forgotten, while we’re following our path of life.

Rediscovering all this potential releases a lot of power and vitality. Therefore the focus of my work is being there for you with my fullest attention in a safe atmosphere and offering you the support you need:

  • to again feel, experience and embrace yourself in every sense and dimension
  • to activate the self-healing powers of your body and your spirit
  • to strengthen your intuition, reduce anxiety and regain your inner confidence
  • to make peace with the past
  • to work your way out of personal crisis or conflict and regard crisis as a chance
  • to discover your answers to questions like “What do I burn for?”, “What’s my strongest desire?”, “What’s holding me back?”
  • to refocus, generate options and develop the courage for finding your own path – and walking it
  • to make clear decisions
  • to let joy, effortlessness and strength flow into your life, maybe also in the shape of a loving relationship or a fulfilling profession


My approach is based on three pillars:


– private or group lessons:

Yoga is for everybody! Through simple creative sequences I combine the grounding and flowing exercise from Vinyasa-Yoga with conscious breath. Thereby your body awareness is strengthened. Meditation in movement generates calmness and clarity in your mind. Your confidence in your own strength returns and leads to an upright inner and outer posture –noticeably enhancing your vitality!

Focusing on your individual needs, I teach with love and playfulness.

Holistic Integrative Breath

Breath is life! Connected breathing, that is our natural and original breath, signifies the flow of inhale and exhale without break, comparable to a wave. The connected breath is capable of creating a bridge between mind and emotion, and also offering access to deep intuitive notions and sentiments you’ve deemed long forgotten. By becoming conscious and integrating what comes up old encrustations may melt, blocked energy can start to flow freely again and thus be fully at your disposal. Your self-confidence and your trust in opportunities will return. Your vitality will be visibly enhanced, affording you a wider scope of action in all areas that are of importance for you.

LOMI LOMI massage ritual

LOMI LOMI massage, often called “the queen of massages”, has its origin in Hawaii and was traditionally performed as a ritual of transition into new life periods or prior to important decisions. During this full body massage with warm coconut oil your body is going to be alternately lovingly held, stretched, carried and embraced by long, flowing, merging strokes as if by the waves of the ocean. You will experience unconditional acceptance and delve deeply into a feeling of childlike comfort. Body and spirit are going to unwind, and your mind will find a place of stillness. Anything old may leave and in contact with your inner self, with your essence, strength is generated for something new. A LOMI LOMI massage will make you feel whole, and it will have a lasting effect for days.