• LOMI LOMI – Queen of Massages

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  • LOMI LOMI – die Königin der Massage

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  • LOMI LOMI – die Königin der Massage

    Ankommen zu Hause

ALOHA is Hawaiian for “to love what is”

A longing for touch


As a baby in our mother’s womb we were massaged and rocked with her every inhale and exhale. Next we were born into an initially anchorless big space, which is a shock for some babies.


By being held, nourished, caressed and massaged as infants we hopefully experienced emotional security and trust, loving care and unconditional affection. Our self-confidence grew. Somewhere on our path towards adulthood all that warming bodily contact dwindled. For a long time there was nothing, and for many adults loving, intimate skin contact is exclusively happening in combination with sex.

The LOMI LOMI massage ritual disentangles the caring and accepting touch from sexuality, thus opening up space for new possibilities and a profound understanding of yourself and others.


Caring and accepting touch is the most valuable nourishment for body and soul.


Ancient Hawaiian family traditions perform the LOMI LOMI massage ritual to prepare the recipient for a new chapter or any significant change in their life, or to support important decisions. Providing strength for a new beginning the ritual makes it easier to overcome blockages and let go of the old, literally as well as figuratively.

Hence this full body massage exceeds by far the limits of pure body work.


In languorous warmth gentle, widespread strokes flow recurrently and well balanced from head to toe, making you feel deeply appreciated and held. Your thoughts quiet down, blockages can dissolve. Feeling lovingly accepted generates confidence in your own abilities, thus creating space for meaningful insights.


The course of the ritual


During a short preliminary talk I will enquire about your personal wishes and needs, and also about possible pains and conditions, which I shall take into consideration, so that you can feel really safe and comfortable.


During the massage long strokes will loosen your joints and gently melt any tension in your muscles. I will read your body and let it be my guide concerning the intensity of my touch. Thus nonverbal communication being established between us creates contact which makes every massage a highly individual and personal journey.


After the massage there’s time to give your body some rest, so you may integrate the experience. Along with a refreshing tea and a short talk you can emerge leisurely and invigorated.


Please note that Hawaiian LOMI LOMI massage is no curative treatment and can not replace needed medical interventions. If necessary, please consult your physician.


“To love is to return to a home we never left, to remember who we are.” Sam Keen