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LOMI Classes

Creating an opportunity to share and pass on my experience of the beneficial Hawaiian LOMI LOMI massage, I’m regularly offering beginner’s and advanced classes on the healing arts of Polynesian indigenous peoples.

The essence of “Mana”, the life force and universal love as the Hawaiians say, shall spread out in the world!

Together with my sister and LOMI partner Jana Goralski (who is also a LOMI massage & breath therapist) we employ a simple step-by-step-method to teach and convey the fundamental principles of LOMI LOMI massage with joy and ease.

Therefore the basic training is suitable for beginners and experienced body therapists (as additional education) alike. The training’s holistic approach also facilitates a sensible extension of any range of body work, providing techniques that could be introduced to other kinds of massage. It is the objective of the basic course to enable participants to give a complete LOMI LOMI massage (90 to 120 minutes long), based on simple techniques, directly after the training.
Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of participation.

What is special about this training?

We make a point of teaching small groups (6-12 participants max.) and supervising you individually (there’s two of us to guide and assist you). We will introduce some background knowledge, and you will learn to strengthen your intuition, read body language and apply the new techniques to the massage, working back-friendly and with a lot of joy.

4 days workshop including theory and practice to enable you to give a complete LOMI LOMI massage confidently and unaided; with certificate

Berlin Friedrichshain
On request we’re also happy to pack a bag and come to your group anywhere in Germany. Please, ask!

580 € per person – with a group of 8 participants


Next LOMI LOMI Basic Class:                9th – 12nd January 2020

Contents LOMI LOMI Basic

In this course we convey the basic principles of Lomi Lomi Nui Massage using a simple step-by-step approach. This will make it especially accessible for beginners of massage to learn the art of touch. In addition the holistic approach of our training also allows experienced body workers to expand and deepen their knowledge.

The ALOHA-spirit – “love what is” – allows for an intensive journey into you, diving into the body-heart-consciousness. You will emerge from this weekend strengthened and fulfilled, with new impulses to bring into your daily life and to your clients.

Besides the special Lomi Lomi technique, you will be introduced to valuable background knowledge about the origins and philosophy, applications and limits of this healing bodywork. You will learn to strengthen your intuition, read body language and apply all this directly.

We put a lot of emphasis on our connection to our own bodies, on allowing nearness as well as distance, on communicating boundaries and exploring the backgrounds of our beliefs and convictions.
We advise you on how you may orient yourself and align your body, so you will still feel energized and fulfilled after the massage.

Goal of the basic seminar:
Ability to give a full body massage based on basic Lomi Lomi techniques (about 60 minutes)


Next LOMI LOMI Advanced Class:                        6th – 9th February 2020

Contents LOMI LOMI Advanced Class

Expand your potential and refine your Lomi massage: Together we delve deeper into Hawaiian bodywork and directly put into practice what we learn.


What is helping you to find the way from your mind into your body and to trust your inner direction, your intuition? This is about becoming one with the energy of Hawaiian Lomi and committing yourself fully to the guidance of “ALOHA – love what is”.


Getting to know the Lomi Heartwork breath technique, which connects us directly to the strength of the earth and the vastness of the sky, both of which are flowing through our hearts and hands to the recipient. You become a channel, replenish your own energy and giving gets even easier.

Introduction to Integrative Breath Work in process oriented bodywork.


Meditation in motion – Learn how to move fluently and from your inner centre around the massage table. The frigate bird’s step grants us energy – for ourselves as well as for the massage.

Another focus is on our posture and the use of our weight, in order to work easily yet powerfully and also back-friendly.


We deepen and expand on our practice of the popular under-body strokes that let our hands and arms move on and under the recipient’s body simultaneously. The combination of extensive touches, particular new underarm techniques and so called “long strokes” from head to toe provide the experience of sensing the body as a whole.

You will get to understand various types, textures and intensities of touch. And, adding to your posture, presence and direction, you will learn how to support your client even more in letting go of tension and blockages – on a physical level as well as concerning emotions they may hang on to.


Communicating with your client: how to read and understand them and their body nonverbally and how to respond. We will practice with each other among the group, so that you become more confident during the treatment and more refined and flowing in your movements.


What are the 7 principles and what effects do they have in Lomi massage and in daily life? You will learn how to apply and implement them easily and directly, in order to permeate your personal Lomi massage with ease and depth and with YOURSELF. Your daily life will be driven by joy and creativity and become ever more powerful – because you are going to live more and more of what and who you are.


For all the details and a full overview of all LOMI LOMI Classes please have a look here in




Feedback from participants of LOMI classes

Tom, Berlin

It was a wonderfully intense and – in the truest sense – deeply and beautifully touching weekend. Thank you for your sensitive and resourceful guidance, the beautiful space and the loving, confidence-building atmosphere, within which we were allowed to flow with ourselves and grow with each other!
I admit: addiction successfully implanted. It was great to share this experience with you all!

Regina, Berlin

Today I already gave my first LOMI-inspired massage and I’m so happy! We were swimming in the ocean. I was also able to apply this new technique easily to the floor-based massage. It felt like rolling waves and was hugely enriching. At the end I rocked my client like a baby. All tension melted and afterwards she was completely calm. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!

Thank you so much for this beautiful weekend. I’m still feeling the effects. A weekend filled with great encounters and touches. I felt like I was on holiday: bathed in flowing movements, held, relaxed, grounded – simply wonderful. The premises were very good, too, as you filled them with good vibrations.

Elisabeth, Hamburg

I’m still feeling the magnificent effects of the weekend and there’s more getting incorporated into my work than I had thought, and it feels wonderful. Just imagine, my colleague even asked me, if I had fallen in love! It definitely feels like that – LOMI massage simply does make you happy. A big “thank you” to you both!

Helena, Wuppertal

I promptly went and bought a massage table, and today I massaged my 16-year old son. He had agreed grudgingly, and, of course, he didn’t take off his underpants… I didn’t tell him to either. He kept his cell phone in reach and a plug in his ear. Not very relaxing… but I thought, he has to get to know this first, it’ll be all right. When he was lying on his back, he let go of his cell phone. I stopped after 40 minutes… because he went to sleep. I don’t cry often… yet in that moment there were tears in my eyes. I’m so filled with love for him. After five minutes he woke up, looking at me, puzzled, happy and relaxed. I had to write you this immediately. LOMI LOMI… is good for me. And it helps my teenage son to rest. You have given me a lot this weekend to take with me on my path, thank you!